Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ooh - I'm Famous!

Well would ya look at that! My name showed up in John Reese's newsletter this evening ;)

Of course, I cant take the credit... It's all about Alice Seba. And she's brilliant, I tell ya! As you know, Alice is hosting the Power Moms Cruise in February - an event which I'll be speaking at. If you click on that link, you can hear a free Teleseminar on Passive Income that we did last week.

I'm actually working on some things now which I'll be sharing on the Cruise in February - which is why I'm pressing myself to get out of my rut (with the design) and move forward with the new layout for my site. I could actually talk for hours on the topic of Passive Income (no kidding! LOL), but I'm testing a few *easy* theories right now, and it will be fun to share those results in detail in addition to the information I am preparing. Examples and results speak for themselves ;)

Besides, the more Passive Income the better, right? {smile}

I was looking at a brand new program just last night... and have had it in the back of my mind all day today. It looks good - new, priced right, 50% recurring commission... and a 2-tier structure with 15% recurring commission on that 2nd tier. I want to take the product for a test-drive first, though and check it out for myself - - but if I can get in quick, there may be huge potential here.

Back to the topic at hand, though... In my last newsletter issue, just a couple of days ago, I mentioned 'increasing your reach'. I mentioned it briefly on the Teleseminar that I linked to above, also. And receiving the email where John Reese mentions my name and online community, as well as a link to the Cruise event... is the perfect example of how beneficial this is.

Consider this. Alice Seba runs Internet Based Moms. I run Self-Starters Weekly Tips. Sure, she caters specifically to work-at-home-moms, and my target market is wide open to men and women alike (parents or not)... but outside of that, what we do is much of the same. In fact, for almost every keyword I shoot for in the major SE's, I have Alice to compete with. When Traffic Secrets first came out, for example, the week following she was #1 for the term, Mike Merz was #2 and I ranked in at #3. Well, and Mike is another good example - we hit pretty much the same target market... but check out who's featured on his home page ;)

My point? Partnering outweighs competing when it comes to benefits. BY FAR. I dont have any problem admitting that the majority of my success in business is a direct result of my associations with others in the industry. Alliances can be extremely powerful!

That said, there's plenty of talk about "guru back patting" going on lately - and yes, that raises suspicion. But good old fashioned networking, co-promotion and partnerships... well, it simply cant be beat.

Now... about Alice - she's obviously one up on me. Hmmm, I'll have to come up with something really good to bring her when we meet up again in February ;)