Saturday, October 09, 2004

Saturday with Lynn

It's Saturday once again - where do the weeks go? Seems they just fly by anymore...

My daughter is in year-round school, and she's been off this past week. It's 9 weeks on and then 3 weeks off, or something close to that. And... her father "had something better to do" this weekend, so she's home for the weekend, too. Not that big of a deal to me. I'm one of those 'go with the flow' gals anyway - plus, she's a great kid. But it does kinda throw the schedule off, and I have to admit... I'm craving some quiet time.

Any little change like that, too, gets Grandmother "confused". Last night she wandered through the house for almost two hours before she finally went to bed - trying to figure out where "all this company" was going to sleep. I dont think I ever convinced her that we all live here together, the same old crew that sleeps here every night... but she did finally give up and go to sleep. After which, I was nothing short of exhausted.

Today my daughter is having a friend over - and I really like this kid. She is well mannered, and they play really good together. I always say "two is better than one" when it comes to entertaining children. As long as they have someone to play with, they seem perfectly content. Of course my kids know better than to ever say, "I'm bored" - because that's when I say, "Oh, Great!! Because your room needs to be cleaned, and when you're done... if you're still bored... the bathroom could use some attention, too" ;) hehe

Tomorrow - the 10th - is my son's 13th birthday. This is a special day for me... celebrating the day I became a mother. This year it's even more special, as he's turning from a child into a teen. He's a handsome little fellow, and seems to be pretty popular with the other kids his age. I'm really (really) proud of him. He has overcome a lot, and even at his young age - has taken deliberate steps to make positive change in his life.

I can remember the talks we had a few years ago - somewhere between all the divorce drama and now. Zack and I really had a hard time getting through it all. But once I finally found peace and began to put my life back together... I would sit and talk with him about his feelings. I said to him then, "I'm happy now. I wish I could just take that and hand it to you... but the fact is, I cant. You have to find yours yourself".

Zack's a smart kid. Well they both are, really. They came home with straight A's this time around. Zack, I figured on. Ann Marie - I admit, I was happily surprised! Not that she isnt intelligent, because she is. Just that she is very social, easily distracted, and pretty much self-absorbed (but what 8 year old isnt? LOL). Zack, on the other hand, only makes lower grades when something is 'wrong' - feelings, issues, conflict with a teacher, etc.

I always knew there was something different about him. I was a young mother, though - and he was my first child. Most of the 'signs' were more irritating than anything. He just wasnt "normal". For example, when he was 2 years old, he used to recite books back to me. And this was while I was reading them, mind you - he would be one sentence behind me, repeating the entire story to the end. Then he would pick up the book and "read" it back to me. My thoughts at the time were, "Why can I just read you a bedtime story!?" LOL - I was at my wits end on getting this child to sleep. He didnt sleep through the night until after he was 5 years old. As a baby, waking every 10 minutes screaming. As a preschool-aged child, waking in the night in terror.

When he started kindergarten, they put him in 2nd & 4th grade. By 3rd grade, he had topped out on a 12th grade level. And then at 9 years old, he began having grand mal seizures in his sleep.

Thirteen years. It's just so hard to believe. Some of my friends with children the same age are just now starting to have problems with theirs... I feel like life is just now getting GOOD. He's the man of the house. A perfect little gentleman. He opens doors and carries in groceries. And all he needs is a $20 bill and a ride, and he's a happy camper ;)