Saturday, November 06, 2004

Content Writing & Pre-Selling

This is perfect for bloggers, writers, newsletter publishers & webmasters!

Make Your Content PREsell!

This is a brand new guide by Ken Evoy that just came out today! It shows you, step by step, clearly...

1) how to write to COMMUNICATE

2) how to develop your own "voice" with flair and substance

3) how to spin your site/biz/SELF into a unique position

4) how to HONESTLY convince people to trust and like you.

... and - it's only $10 !!


I'm off to order my copy!

I had to come back and add to this post... and tell you that Ken's guide is a whopping 159 PAGES! I was pleasantly surprised once I downloaded my copy, as it's very detailed and a terrific read! Definitely worth the ten bucks ;)