Monday, November 15, 2004

Back to Work!

After a nice, relaxing weekend it's time to get back to work! Monday's are always my favorite because it's an opportunity to start over with a clean slate - a whole new week to look forward to!

I had a really nice weekend hanging out here at the house with my family. We played Literati across the network, ordered pizza, watched movies - and basically just hung out in our pajamas for two straight days :)

I also had an opportunity to work on my new site, and was able to get it ready enough to go live. There are still a few sections I want to add, but it's pretty much good to go at this point. Last night before I signed off, I set up a couple of links and installed a blog - then pinged the announcement to the world. Now it's just a matter of days before the site is crawled & indexed. I'm watching the three major search engines anxiously - waiting to find out who picks it up first!

But this morning - it's back to work for me... and it looks like its going to be another great week. Plenty to do, lots of projects to finish up, and exciting things keep popping into my Inbox - - so, I'm off!

Happy Monday ;)