Monday, November 22, 2004

Monday again! My favorite :)

Ahh - Monday again! My favorite :)

This day started off pretty normal... up at 7am (oops, a little bit late!), kids off to school, enjoyed a coffee while I checked my email, went over the stats from the weekend, etc.

Nothing exciting to report about the new site - still 42 pages indexed by Google, and no word yet from Yahoo or MSN. I have a lot of plans for that site this week, though, and plan to tweak my strategy a bit over the next couple of days.

It really seems odd to me that Thanksgiving is this week for those of us here in the States. I'm sitting here in my office with the window open, and while the leaves are falling out there - it's a beautiful sunny day. Usually I am really geared up for Thanksgiving, but this year it just hasnt hit me at all. In fact, I could just skip it altogether and go straight for Christmas :)

Speaking of which, it's just a few weeks away! Less than 5, to be exact. WOW. And of course the end of the year follows shortly after...

Making it through the next month or so and reaching all of my goals starts RIGHT NOW, though... so I'd better get to work! I am VERY excited about the way that this year is ending, and about kicking off 2005 on the right foot ;)