Tuesday, November 16, 2004

RSS Exposed - It's Finally Here!

I feel like a kid at Christmas :)

I finally have it in my hands! I've been waiting for weeks and weeks to get all of this information together... and today, Paul Short launched RSS Exposed!

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning, brushed my teeth, threw a sweater on over my pajamas and put my hair up... and then rushed in to check my email...

And there it was!

Why am I SO excited over an "RSS course"? Well, for one I'm a major geek and a huge fan of Paul Short's - but the real reason is because I am really excited about the potential of RSS as a marketing tool, and am looking at some serious profit potential with the feeds I am currently testing!

That's right: Cha'Ching!

RSS means more traffic, more exposure, more sales - all of it ;)

I'm off to finish reading the course - and start tweaking my feeds. And I'll be making notes along the way, because I talked Paul into joining me for a Teleconference on Monday night... and I plan to GRILL him on all of the details ;)

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