Wednesday, February 16, 2005

"That Doesn't Really Happen"

That's what my son said to me this morning on the way to school. I was talking to him about "huffing" and the story that I saw last night on the evening news. He hadnt heard of it (thank goodness!) so I explained to him that it was a silly thing where kids were snuffing all sorts of things up their nose for a "high". He pretty much laughed at that. Even at 13, he's a pretty smart kid and I dont think he'd go for something so silly (me being a naive parent, no doubt).

But when I explained to him that it kills, and that it can ruin you mentally for the rest of your life... that children were being taken away in ambulances after their first time, he said "Yeah, but that doesn't really happen".

Megan, at only 16 years old says:
"I can't really remember a lot of things," she told us. "When I'm talking I'll forget what I just said two seconds ago. It frustrates me a lot."

Margaret Wagner says:
I am living every parent's nightmare -- my son Keith is dead.

Children feel so indestructible. Invincible. They truly do not understand how fragile life is, or how easily things can change - or go away altogether. In a way I am glad that my children are oblivious to the grim realities of this world, and hope they are never faced with them or lose their beautiful innocence. But I'd be a fool not to realize it's only a matter of time.

I dread their first broken hearts. Their first close encounter with death. Their first realization that the "real world" isnt quite what they expected.

Sorry for such a somber post this morning. Raising a teenage son as a single mother in this crazy world is one of the main reasons that I continue to pursue my career from a home office, and make it a point to stay close to my children. The world out there is a scary place. I can only hope that I am able to equip my children with everything they need to survive it as young adults.