Tuesday, June 28, 2005

No Website? No List? Read this...

--> http://blackbeltjvbroker.com/halfprice.htm

If you visit the link above, you'll see my testimonial on the page. Kidino asked me to review the JV Brokering Guide by Willie Crawford a few weeks ago... and I was extremely impressed! In fact, here is what I wrote back to him in an email, that you'll also find he's used on the website:

"You have a Top Quality 'cut-to-the-chase' guide on Joint Venture Brokering here! I was incredibly impressed with the amount of detail shared, yet it's an easy read that anyone can devour in under an hour. People that read this guide will walk away prepared, motivated and ready to begin as a JV Broker that very same day!"

Check it out: http://blackbeltjvbroker.com/halfprice.htm

You don’t need a website. You don’t need a list. You don’t need "connections". ANYONE can do this, and do well with it!

Here's what you get:

- Black Belt JV Broker Manual by Willie Crawford
- Black Belt JV Broker Interview by Kidino and Willie
- Black Belt JV Broker Interview Transcript

And you also get these bonuses:

- Willie's Secrets Interview by Patric Chan and Willie
- Willie's Secrets Interview Transcript
- The Key: From $300 per Week to $50,000 per Month by Paul Barrs

And during Kidino's "5-Day Mega Promo" (which is running from28 June 2005 to 2 July 2005 you will also get these bonuses:

- Access, manual and workbook to JointVentureSeeker.com by Liz Tomey
- Access to Internet-Business-Success-Stories.com by Melvin Ng
- How to Build Successful JV Relationship by Bonnie Lowe
- Viral Internet Marketing Strategies by Darryl DeLong

Also as a part of the 5-Day Mega Promo Package, you can get Black Belt JV Broker for only $47 (instead of the full price - $97)

Now, you may be into this or not, but whatever it is, just go over to Kidino's site and have a look at it. 'Having a look' is always free ... ;)

See: http://blackbeltjvbroker.com/halfprice.htm