Saturday, September 18, 2004

Saturday Night Movies

I'm still reading the Hypnotic Writing Manual - actually, during commercials. It's "movie night" and I am watching A Perfect Murder and Panic Room back to back. I've turned the couch into a make-shift office, complete with: manual, laptop, legal pad & pen, a cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin ;)

It's almost 8pm, quiet in the house, and I'm in as much suspense over the manual as I am the movie. Actually, I'm to the point in the manual where I am ready to apply what I am learning. I chose the project I am going to use as my Case Study, and have been working on the Sales Page step by step alongside the lessons.

That is one of three goals that I have this weekend - I also have two websites that I am working on and hope to finish up the phases I am currently on with each. I am finally starting to feel better (more like myself) and it feels good to be motivated and to be able to concentrate fully again. My 10-day antibiotic will be finished by end of day Tuesday (the 21st). Here's hoping that's the end of that!

As I continue to work my way through Joe Vitale's material, it occurs to me that I should become an affiliate. There are two reasons: 1) because his stuff is GOOD, and I'd like to add it to my list of resources & recommendations, and 2) because his sales letter would obviously have very good conversion rates!

Tip: Get your hands on anything and everything you can find by Joe Vitale (newsletters, free interviews ebooks & reports, etc). I'll work on compiling a complete list for you as soon as I get my projects completed here. Watch for it ;)

p.s. I love ALL Jodie Foster movies... but this one takes the cake!