Friday, September 17, 2004

Up for the Challenge!

Here's the deal: I got an email tonight giving away some free info. You gotta love freebies ;) First off, they offered a $100 gift certificate for being one of the first 5 to send in a review on it. COOL. But it goes further... they challenged us to take the information, put it to use, and send in our results.

The person who reports back with the most impressive results wins a free copy of the brand new ---------------- Package - FREE! (worth almost $1,000.00) WHOAH, super-cool :D

(I'm being secretive, as this is obviously going to be ultra-competitive!)

This is right up my alley ;) Wish me luck!

p.s. - I won the auction on that Solo Ad, going out to over 25,000! I'll keep you posted on those results, too ;)