Thursday, September 16, 2004

The Twenty-First Century

While I was in Chicago this past June, I met Bruce Schwartz, author of the hit novel THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY. I was there for the Publishing Profits Seminar, as you may remember. Anyway, Bruce was an interesting character - certainly someone you wouldnt forget! I had the pleasure of hearing one of his tales as we walked back from dinner one evening, earlier than the rest of the group. He's an amazing storyteller, and an excellent writer!

Bruce was kind enough to give me a signed copy of one of his children's books to pass along to my children. Both of them read it, loved it, and thought it was 'so cool' that Mom knew a 'real author' LOL... and even more so that he wrote them a special note on the inside cover.

As I was sitting up this evening catching up on email (over 700 - ouch!), I received one from Bruce. It really touched me, personally - as he talked about losing both of his parents to Alzheimer’s disease. While I've always just said that my Grandmother has "dimentia" - she *was* diagnosed with Alzheimer’s several years ago. It's so very sad to see someone you love lose their mind, and their grip on life.

Anyway, in this email, Bruce shares that he has decided to donate all of his author’s royalties ($10.00 per book) from now till the end of the year to the Alzheimer’s Association.

I can pretty much guarantee that if you love to read, you'd love this novel! I had not yet ordered my own copy (didnt get around to it, or pick any excuse really) - so now I'm going to go and order mine. It will be an excellent read, and for a great cause. I'd love to see them find a cure.

Bless you, Bruce!

If you'd like to read the message for yourself, I've uploaded it here: (it is in Word Document format).