Friday, September 17, 2004

The Anticipation Tactic

Now it seems that everyone wants to use The Anticipation Tactic. Well, maybe it worked for John Reese during the release of Traffic Secrets - but I've had enough of it already. I bet I've had 10 emails this week alone that said "be sure to open my email on such-and-such date as I have something awesome in store for you".

I'm thinking SHOW ME THE MONEY!

Seriously - how many more of these emails do you think I'm going to open?! I've seen the trick - you leave me hanging, then come back and promote something! It's like pretending you have a treat in your hand and telling your dog to "sit". After awhile he just looks at your like you're stupid and turns around and walks off.

So here's the deal - if you absolutely MUST use The Anticipation Tactic, get creative and at least offer a teaser. Maybe give them a free report, free ebook, whatever - and then leave them hanging as to why and what's coming next that's really cool about it. Just off the top of my head, but you get the point.

Hey - not everybody's John Reese... and million-dollar-methods dont work 100 times ;)