Saturday, September 18, 2004

A Priceless Experience!

Okay - the gig is up. I told you that I downloaded some material, and that they were offering a $100 gift certificate to the first 5 people to submit a review. I've already submitted my review... but I forfeited the option to receive the gift certificate, should mine be one of the first five.

Why? Because the material was phenomenal. It blew me away. It was worth 10x the gift certificate - minimum! Plus, I feel as if someone else could use that gift certificate more than I (it was for specific products that I dont necessarily need as much as someone else might). Maybe that makes sense - maybe it doesnt - I feel I've already gotten my prize ;)

So what did I review? The Hypnotic Writing Master Course by Joe Vitale - the confidential class manual from his high-end Hypnotic Copywriting Workshop last weekend (cost: $5,000/head).

Here's the Review I submitted:


The Hypnotic Writing Master Course blew me away!

I’ve always been a fan of Joe Vitale’s, and have taken
an extreme interest in copywriting lately, as I’ve come
to realize that it is the key to unlock my true profit
potential in online business.

So when I downloaded this manual, Joe already had
my respect as a highly-admired copywriter. I had half
an idea what to expect on the inside… but I honestly
wasn’t prepared for my reaction to it.

The first five pages alone had my senses surging and
practically grabbed me and pulled me right in. Before
I knew it, it was 2am and I was halfway through the
manual… and that’s when it hit me. Joe was not only
teaching me Hypnotic Writing step-by-step… he was
making me feel the results of it!

Can you even begin to imagine the potential you’d
have if you could engage your customers in such a
way?! I did begin to imagine it – and I wrote down
what I envisioned. I can see doubling or even
tripling my income in a matter of a few short weeks
with the information I have learned from this Manual!

I feel I’ve learned almost as much by watching his
style and monitoring my own reactions to it, as I
have from the actual information that he shares.

It’s a priceless experience.

Lynn Terry, TN


The second part of the deal was to submit results, based on action taken from what I learned in the Manual, and the "most impressive results" will win you the $997 Hypnotic CopyWriting Super Package for free. The game is on!

p.s. There's a FREE WebCast on October 5th featuring Joe Vitale, that you won't want to miss! You can register here. And it won't cost you a dime in long-distance charges either, as you can listen in directly over the web ;)