Friday, September 17, 2004

Newsletters, Advertising & Email

Man, the Forum is hopping this morning! 29 more members and we'll be at a thousand ;) If anyone wants to give me a helping hand and refer new members, I'll return the favor - just send me a note and let me know! (make that 27 - a couple more just joined)

Speaking of the Forum, I emailed the Top Posts out last night to Members to give them a heads-up as to what's going on in the various categories this week (a lot of great threads!). Most people really like that - I know that I do, when I receive them from the forums that I frequent. I'm a busy gal, and a reminder now and then will bring me back to the spots I enjoy most. A couple of people asked to be "removed" - no problem, I deleted their profiles & memberships at the forum (it's the only way! LOL).

Anyway, it prompted an email from Michael Green (Mr Stinking Filthy Rich ya know). Michael owns the How To Forum - which is pretty popular, and I love to pop in there every chance I get. He's one that emails out a top posts note every week, too. He joined SSWT recently to participate in the thread about this latest product, which was really cool - so he got the Top Posts email last night. His reply was:

Hi Lynn,
Hope you're well. Nice idea to do the weekly roundup, but I think it might confuse people by also calling yours TOP POSTS. It's an Ezine name that I coined and have spent a lot of time developing. Any chance of your choosing a different name for your roundup?
All the best,
~ Michael

But of course, Michael! I've actually been calling it that for quite a while, but its generally a regular feature of my weekly newsletter (instead of an email on its own). This week, I forgot to add it in (blame it on the meds) so I sent it separately. Anyway - obviously Michael isnt subscribed to the SSWT Newsletter, no problem... and of course I'm going to oblige - so it's time to think of a new title for that section! "Top Picks" perhaps? Let me know your thoughts...

Speaking of emails, I was restless last night so I sat up and worked my way through those 700 emails in the Inbox (really piles up when you're away!). I managed to reply to 100 of them, and that felt damn good. I went to bed feeling like I'd accomplished something... and woke up to 60-something new emails. LOL Oh well - we'll start again today ;)

And while we're on the topic of newsletters - you'll remember my recent experience with paid advertising (a $50 investment produced a return of over $200 - not a bad turn over!). I'd love to test out a few more, and hopefully hit on some with an even better return. So I hit Ezine Ad Auction this morning and did a bit of browsing. I bid on two Solo's - wish me luck!