Friday, October 15, 2004

Negative Reviews

I've only requested two refunds out of all of the products I've purchased online over the years. Well, and I'm about to make that 3 as I have a phonecall to make today regarding a service I cancelled that I am still getting billed for six months later... Still, that's not bad at all, considering how much I spend online.

Now if I never use a program or product that I buy, that's my problem. And I'm guilty of that on a few occassions. But if I cant use a product or program, for one reason or another, then I'll request a refund.

Almost 3 months ago I bought a brand new program. Something I felt I could use in my daily tasks, and also something I wanted to check out with the intention of promoting it. I was sorely disappointed, and requested a refund. The owners replied with the request that I stay on with the product, as they were coming out with some really cool updates, and seemed very interested in my feedback. I agreed to that and have kept an eye on the program and its updates for the last few months.

Yesterday, after the latest update, I again requested a refund - politely, of course. The response I received... well, he said:

"Are you kidding me??"

I sent a simple response of, "No, I'm not kidding." And then he sent me dry instructions for requesting the refund. I walked away from this experience with a bad taste in my mouth. No big deal, really, but I doubt I will be buying from these merchants in the future.

The other refund that I mentioned was handled in a very dry manner as well, but fast and professionally handled at least. I sent an email letting them know I couldnt use the items, the following morning I received a notice that the amount was credited back to my account (from the payment processor - not the merchant). I've never received a reply directly from the merchant. Again, no big deal - it just struck me as odd.

I was recently asked to write a Review on for a book that I own. I went and looked at the Reviews that are already featured... and could tell they were all written by friends & associates. And I didnt agree with any of them. I chose to just not leave a Review at all (rather than tarnish his reputation as an Author with my thoughts on it).

It's very tempting to write Negative Reviews in the same way I would Positive Reviews. I read a book, I tell you it's great - you might want to read it, too. I read a book and it stinks... and it's usually just better left unmentioned. Or is it?