Monday, October 11, 2004

Thinking Out Loud

Wow, after such a busy weekend, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it to be Monday morning! I think it would be a good idea to schedule an outing this week - perhaps a trip to my favorite sushi bar a couple of counties over.

Unagi is my favorite, and those deep-fried rolls with eel and cream cheese and crab... those just blow my taste buds away! Okay - done deal - I'm definitely scheduling some time to get away and indulge!

But for now... back to Monday morning and my second cup of coffee ;)

On today's agenda is email, a set of updates for a client and working on the updates to my own site. I'm planning to launch it this evening, but that may be a bit of a stretch. No stress - I'm just going to go with the flow here. There's no sense in me getting in pinch over it, or anything.

I've enjoyed working on it so far, and I look forward to tracking the results. It's going to give me a lot more room to be creative and to share my thoughts on a wider variety of topics - and with a stronger focus. I believe it will tie everything in together quite nicely.

I do have some other things on my mind this morning - thoughts I need to work through. One is that I'm not happy with the layout of my office and have thought of every possible way I might rearrange it for a more productive & comfortable work space. I'm at a loss with it at the moment because of where the plugs are located and the fact that there are three doors into this room. I would prefer not to have my back to any of those doors, but it may just mean moving to another room altogether.

One of my systems is down, too. I think we have a total of 5 computers in the house - three here on my desk, one up in the kids room (though they rarely use that one anymore) and a "portable" e-machine that the kids tend to move from room to room. They play games on it, hook the playstation into it, etc. Anyway, the one that's down is a custom-built system, and I just hate to part with it. I'm going to call the shop in the morning (as they're not open on Mondays) and get a price on a motherboard and processor... and decide from there if I want to repair it, or part it out on eBay and then replace it. And then I have to ask myself, do we really need that system?

Speaking of eBay, it's high time for me to run a set of auctions - and this is a good time of year to do it. I have an old laptop (IBM ThinkPad), some PCMCIA network cards, a collection of English coins, an Estee Lauder gift set, extra memory cards for a digi cam & SanDisk reader, etc etc. Lots of odds and ends. A couple of printers, too (new in box). Maybe I can get to that later in the week and get them all live by Saturday night (which is the best time to start & end auctions, in my opinion).

Just thinking out loud... I'd better get to work ;)