Tuesday, November 09, 2004

7 1/2 Weeks to go!

It's hard to believe that the end of the year is approaching so quickly. Less than eight weeks left to accomplish everything on that list... and two major holidays to enjoy, too.

Speaking of the holidays, I already have my Christmas list made out - and it was really easy this year! I'll be doing a little shopping online, and one quick trip to Wal-Mart. Nice & easy :) Expensive, but easy :p

Last year I didnt manage to get my Christmas cards sent at all... but this year I am committed to getting them out. It's something I really enjoy - and I know everyone likes to receive them. It would be a good idea to shop for them and finish up my list as soon as possible - - as they really need to go out in about three weeks... (making note to self).

Are you thinking along those lines, too... or has it not hit you yet? If not, it will any day now! And it will hit everyone else, too -- in the States, at least.

Which brings me back around to business, and the rush to finish up all of my projects that are targeting the holiday season... and to accomplish all of the things I committed to putting into motion this year.

So far, 2004 has been an exceptionally good year - in a lot of ways. But I do still have several projects that I want to get under way, and many things I want to complete or take to the next level - - before the end of the year arrives.

And it's approaching at light speed, it seems!

So here we go... The race to the finish: Just over 7 weeks and counting...

I refuse to disappoint myself.