Monday, November 08, 2004

Incredible Results!!

I consider my mailing list to be a fairly responsive group (and a fun one, at that) - but these latest results just blew me away! Though... I dont recommend you try this method with your own list. *blush* - Let me explain:

Over the weekend I was reading up on RSS and other interesting marketing strategies, and also tweaking my sites and such. I have been very interested in RSS, and 'feeds' in general, lately and have been testing out some of my theories behind the scenes.

Anyway, I remembered that Aweber has RSS capabilities. Aweber is my mailing list manager - but honestly, it does *way* more than just that. You can host multiple newsletters and autoresponder series - it has full stats including click-through rates and open rates - and you can choose to publish your emails in a web-based HTML archive OR as an RSS Feed.

I always wondered what would happen if I checked that little box that says "publish in HTML or RSS" at the end of the composition screen. So - without reading the documentation first - I created a test message by typing in "RSS Test", checking that little box... and submitted it.

Nothing happened. Hmm. I poked around a little bit more, checked out the documentation - went here, did this, did that, checked my email - WHOA!

Um, apparently my little "RSS Test" went out to my entire mailing list (OOPS). And in my Inbox - a FLOOD of replies! *LOL*

Fortunately, most of them could relate to my mistake, or thought it was funny - - or were interested in learning more about RSS themselves. All in all, it made for some interesting correspondence over the weekend :-)

And yes - I have it figured out now. The whole RSS thing, that is. And it is MUCH simpler than I figured it would be.

My tip for the day: If you have a file named "readme" - Read It! :-)