Saturday, November 13, 2004

Single Work at Home Moms

I am just completely blown away. I dont think I've ever sat and cried over someone else's situation, before... but this came as a real shock.

I found out today that Chris & Rae are splitting up... as are Alice & Zack. Rae and Alice are two women that I consider very good friends - even though they may not realize just how much I admire and respect them, what with my somewhat reclusive ways and all.

I met Rae in Vegas last Spring, and roomed with Alice at a conference in Chicago just this past June... and I would have never suspected their marriages would fall apart within the year. Not in a million years.

At first it was just that my eyes teared up as I was reading through their blog entries... but I finally broke down and just cried. It feels so sad, and it breaks my heart.

I know they are doing what is right for them. I know that only they know what goes on behind their walls, and how they really feel. And I know that both of these women are very strong and very capable.

But still... I'm feeling very sad over it all.

Maybe I'm just thinking back on my own situation, having been divorced for 5 years myself now. I never saw it coming - I was the one that was shocked, and that dealt with a loss that I had no choice about.

And yes, I did fine - and am a very happy woman despite all of the things that I went through back then. And I truly enjoy my lifestyle, and working from home, and the wonderful bond that I have with my two children.

But there were times that it was hard. Like when my son became very ill and I stayed up night after night with him - and then worked all day, too - with nobody to relieve me... or even a shoulder to cry on about it. Or the time that I got a flat tire in the middle of nowhere with two young kids in the car. Or...

Oh. I could go on and on. Life is full of good days and bad days, whether you are alone or not. Life is a series of phases. Good and bad. We all get by. Some better than others.

I'm glad it's all behind me now... and I honestly dont have any regrets. I guess I'm just still in shock from the news... and it has brought up a lot of old memories for me. Like the time that Ken and I decided to split up the photos between us, and we sat down together to go through them and both cried our eyes out. We just gave up on the pictures. Or the time that I needed the plumbing worked on in the cabin, so I let him and his girlfriend (ack!) stay there for the weekend in exchange for the work....

Well, whatever you do, DONT watch "The Story of Us" with Michelle Pfeiffer and Bruce Willis. I made that mistake, myself. *sigh*

Lots of love and support and encouragement to you both!! I care about you both way more than I ever let you know. Thanks for always being there for me - and dont hesitate to call on me if you need a friend to talk to... anytime.