Friday, November 12, 2004

Motivation & Multi-Tasking

Earlier this week Andre and I were passing emails back and forth. We both happened to be knee-deep in Keyword Research, and I mentioned that I was working on several sites at once. So it went:

Andre: "I don't know how you multitask like that!"

Me: "Yes - and I'm blogging, pinging, emailing, reviewing courses & studying new material... and doing laundry, too!" (LOL)

Andre: "GOD! You ARE good! Would you mind PLEASE PLEASE sending me some of the "super-juice" you're taking -- it's got to be something strong! ;)"

Me: "LOL!! It's called MOTIVATION :D
I am so pumped, I can hardly sit still!"

Andre: "OK smarty-pants, where do you buy this MOTIVATION from, and in what dosage is it best taken? Obviously NOT on an empty stomach?!"

LOL - Andre's a funny guy :p

Seriously, though - If I could bottle this stuff up, I'd be one rich woman!! (Ya think??)

It's been a great week! I've made serious progress on a lot of projects, and even plan to go live with my newest site this weekend. It's not even indexed in any of the search engines, so it will be a clean slate from which to track and test various theories. I'm looking forward to that!

Oh - and about the "Motivation & Multi-tasking" thing... the motivation part just comes natural. As for the multi-tasking -- my secret there is that I use a "timer". If I'm working on three projects at once, I'll set the timer for 15 minutes and work on one. Then reset it and work on the other. Then set it again and work on the 3rd. And by the end of the day I've accomplished three major tasks!

This works for me when they're all three equally important - but big enough projects to make them seem like daunting tasks to sit down and accomplish all at once. It's my secret for getting through the "work" part of my work ;)

Have a great weekend!!