Saturday, November 13, 2004

Research + Effort = Reward

It's Saturday morning and I am knee-deep in Keyword Research. My mind is buzzing, and I'm going through the notebook I've compiled for the new site that I am working on. It's a simple black 3-ring binder, with print-outs of each keyword list neatly punched and inserted in the order that I am working on the site's categories.

Every new list sparks even more ideas for expanding the site - adding categories, re-categorizing certain areas, etc. With a highlighter, a calculator and my homemade keyword book... the numbers are coming together to reveal the income potential that this site has.

Only time - and tracking & tweaking - will tell, though. One thing that really amazes me is the lack of competition in the major search engines. There are plenty of Adwords ads on most of the search terms - - which is a PLUS considering that I am also using Adsense on this website - but the actual SERPs are not very competitive at all.

My guess would be because not many people are willing to take the time to put together such a website - it's much easier to just throw an Adwords campaign up and let it run, right? So my biggest competitive advantage is that I'm willing to work. And to be honest with you, there has been a lot of work involved with this project. And much more to be done.

But this will be one that pays off for a long time to come - year round, passively. Definitely worth the time involved up-front ;)