Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My Biggest Source of Motivation

This day was worth looking forward to - much smoother than yesterday ;) Maybe we can boil it down to the fact that I just love "routine", LOL.

I love the days that the mail runs (brings checks!). I love the days that I get a lot accomplished and feel content putting my work away for the evening. I love the days I get to sneak a nap in, too! Today was just one of those days :D

I think it's very important that children get in the routine of going to their room (for mine, going upstairs) to wind down a bit before it's actually "bedtime". It may not work for everyone, but it certainly does for me. My two are old enough to enjoy the time to read or watch a favorite television show - or even talk on the phone.

It's not "punishment", it's an opportunity to wind down and get ready for a good night's sleep. And it's a good time for Mom (that's me!) to tie up the loose ends around the house and wind down, too. Having been a single mother for so many years, my children have been great to respect the fact that I really do need a break sometimes.

Not always, of course - they are kids after all, so it's their job to test my limits and try their best to get their way on certain points. But when it comes down to it, they are really great children. I feel blessed with them both... for so many reasons.

Aside from being beautiful and smart and all of the things a mother would want for her child... they are also a huge source of motivation and drive for me. I get up in the morning whether I feel like it or not, for them. I work hard no matter what, for them. I do whatever it takes to earn, save & provide... for them.

I have no doubt in my mind that I would still be working for someone else had I not had them in my life. I never really knew there were other options. It wasnt until I had to leave them to go to work, and dealt with all of the issues that came with that situation, that I began to dig deeper and think harder on possible solutions.

We're happy now. We've been through some rough patches, the kids and I, but we're a tight family and we're all very content. I feel very close with my son, even at 13, and dont hesitate to talk to him about anything that's on my mind. We laugh, we have serious talks too - and he knows that I worry, but he's a very good kid and stays straight by me.

My daughter, just 8, is silly and spoiled... but she listens well when it really counts. She aims to please, and she knows when it's most important to do so. Annie is the social one out of the three of us, and at this point her goal in life is to become a cheerleader slash rock star. So far so good - the girl can sing.

*laughing* Gosh, I hope she grows out of that one :p

Anyway... I've got to go check out my room and see if I can sneak away to pick back up on my book (The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing by Tom & Marilyn Ross). The kids were camped out in there earlier with the laptop and a good movie on the TV... and I have a feeling they found my "stash" (danish wedding cookies), so I may have a few crumbs to deal with in there ;)

Kids... LOL.. I still say they're worth their weight in gold!!