Monday, February 21, 2005

Okay, I admit it...

Tonight I'm tired. Exhausted, really.

Monday's are always busy, or the first of the week I should say. Usually by Wednesday afternoon things die down a bit and the rest of the week is smooth sailing. But those first three days of the week... well, that's when most of the "action" happens.

Today being a holiday, the children were out of school. Too we had really crazy weather - thunderstorms with severe lightning and hail (in the middle of February!). There I go unplugging the entire office, then getting it all going again...

...and as soon as the sun is back out my daughter is out to play. So of course I spend a good hour this evening cleaning mud out of her brand new tennis shoes... with a tooth brush :-

Somehow it's 9:30pm and they are still up - on a school night, no less. The last one that walked through and asked me a question got a blank stare for a few seconds before I finally replied "I dont know - ask me in the morning" :p

Oh, I'm fine of course - just winding down now and blowing off some steam from the long day behind me. This is my favorite time (even if it did come a bit late tonight) - when the house quiets down, and I can sit and enjoy a warm cup of coffee and take a deep breath. It's a good time to make a mental note of the days accomplishments, and sort of put things in order (in my mind) so I can get an idea of where I want to pick back up in the morning.

It was a good day today, honestly. I cant complain. I'm just glad we're nearing the end, and very much looking forward to "the norm" tomorrow ;)