Sunday, February 20, 2005

Staying Busy, Focused... and Happy

I've been busy for the last couple of days, as you can imagine - but making great progress on all of my projects. It really feels good to watch them go from a thought or idea to a tangible working model. Things are going very smoothly right now, moving in a good direction.

I dont imagine my "method" of accomplishing tasks would work for everyone. I really enjoy having a variety of things to work on. It keeps things interesting. I usually just make small steps across the board each day - doing one or a few tasks to get each project rolling or keep it going.

I actually have a lot more going on right now than usual - several new sites I am putting up, ideas I am putting into action on current sites, the book that I am writing, offline advertising that I am working on, etc. It all works toward a common goal though, which keeps me focused as I'm moving from one project to another. Many of them even tie in so closely that I am actually "hitting two birds with one stone" as I go along.

Do I feel scattered? No. Actually I feel more in tune than ever. Not just in business, but in my personal life as well. I dont work ALL the time, ya know :p

I had a great afternoon out on Valentines Day, enjoying my favorite sushi bar with my sweetheart. I spent my Saturday night watching movies and eating junk food - just hanging out. I took the kids shopping earlier this week for new shoes, jeans, etc. Life is good, definitely no stress here.

If anything I am really pumped - motivated. 2005 started off on a good foot, and just keeps moving forward in the right direction. I am determined to make the absolute best of it ;)