Monday, February 28, 2005

My Growing Website Collection

Kelly asked: Hi Lynn, So when you say you have about a dozen other sites up now, are they all for the purpose of passive income / affiliate marketing? I know you don't want to give out lots of details, but at a highlevel can you describe more about the purpose they serve? thank you! - Kelly

Good question! I thought I'd start a new post for the answer, as it may get long ;)

As I said earlier today, each of the sites are in varying stages of development. But here's the basic breakdown:

1 - WSN... Used to be my main site, featured my services & archives (all of which is now very outdated). Currently has a basic Bio on the main page. Plans are to revamp it to be a resource (content-based) site that I will use as a "lead generator" to send traffic to various sites that relate to web development.

I am about to launch an article database that I may also put under that domain.

2 - SSWT, currently my primary website. This is an internet marketing community/content website. The main purpose of this site is to increase exposure and establish myself in the industry. It serves as a solid foundation that encourages profitable JV's, and through a few years of 'proving myself' has grown to include a very active discussion forum and responsive mailing list. While this site does profit through affiliate programs, it also serves as a central hub for all of my products & services (such as the TIID Membership site, the book I co-authored with Steven E's group, my upcoming Ebook, etc).

3 - Turning Ideas Into Dollars is a site that I co-own and co-manage with my partner, Andre Chaperon. Through this site, Andre and I offer hands-on help to individuals as well as group training modules. For only $12.97/month Members can get their questions answered promptly and thoroughly, we brainstorm business ideas and offer our perspective and experience. We have a terrific Panel of Advisors that pitch in as well, including experts in: SEO, RSS, CSS, Email Marketing and more.

4 - The fourth site on my list is a JV that I have been working on for around 3 years now. I trade my services for prime ad space and a percentage of sales. I consider this site in my own list as it's one that I am constantly looking to revise & improve. It has been a beneficial asset.

5 - This one is a one-page "sales copy" site which features revised sales copy for an affiliate product (that I own and love). The merchants copy left a lot to be desired, so I wrote my own. This one is still in development - I need to put a good solid hour of focus into this one and get it launched.

6 - A blog gone bad (LOL). Basically a domain I abandoned because I didnt like the setup & layout. It was one that I used to test out a few things while I was learning more on RSS. I plan to revise this domain and the content very soon - and may move this (clicknewz) blog there. Either way, it's purpose will be to attract readers via solid content... and to interest them in my various resources (other content sites), products, services and affiliate offers.

7 - Passive Income Guide is one of my newer sites. Currently just a "pre-launch" web page with a notification list set up to keep visitors informed. The purpose of this site will be sell my own product, and will also include content & downloads "behind the scenes" for buyers.

8 - This site hasnt yet been launched, but only lacks one more tweak to go live. Are you sitting down? This one has a Network Marketing twist ;)

9 - My "affiliate site" is ALL products, several hundred pages in fact. They are categorized and organized, and it features product images and descriptions with cloaked affiliate links. The purpose of this site is for the page to rank well in the major search engines, and send visitors directly to the merchants site for sales & searches. Also displays Adsense, though not prominently (last ditch "exit" effort *wink*).

10 - This is my son's blog. Currently abandoned as the 7th grade is getting the best of him :p The purpose of this site is for him to begin getting exposure and creating "a name" for himself to lend to a future project that we plan to launch together. Also runs on affiliate revenue.

11 - A niche-specific directory that I havent yet launched. Adsense & affiliate links will be used prominently. The primary target market will be site owners in the same niche, so the goal is to find multi-tier affiliate programs that would interest them.

12 - This one is a content-based site that is using all public domain content. The purpose of this site, again, is to earn revenue through Adsense and affiliate programs (related to the content, of course). This site also features a niche-specific directory, which is used in the Link Strategy to gain high quality inbound links.

I have two other domains that are basically landing pages for Pay-per-Click campaigns, and many other projects in the works as well. As you can see, the purpose of some of these sites is simply profit, while others are used specifically to generate interest and to funnel traffic.

I began in a service-based industry. Established myself with solid content and good relationships. Moved into consulting. Began creating a product. And set up multiple streams (all individually profitable) that lead into the same source. Each project that I do is not only a stream of income, but it also gives me the experience and data that I need to write more content, conduct more case studies, and set up new training modules.

It reminds me of "the circle of life". A better name for this, though, would be "a circle of profit" ;) The name of the game is to have a broad view, to collect as many assets as you possibly can, to develop each to it's fullest potential, and then to expand on that potential by "recycling" every piece that you can (ie: funneling traffic to other sources, growing with your targeted market and continuing to serve their needs while still appealing to those at the base, setting up new assets that are not only stand-alone profit centers but also funnel traffic *or pagerank!* to your other sites, etc etc etc)