Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Listen in Today!

I'll be joining Lois Carter Fay, of, this afternoon (2pm EST) in a live teleseminar titled:

"Creating Passive Income: How to Work Less and Make More!"

- Learn what Passive Income IS, and what it isn't
- Hear successful examples that you can copy
- Find out how one tiny change can increase your income dramatically!
- Learn 7 ways to create Passive Income, easily
- Find out how you can begin right away, without disrupting your current schedule or business model.

By the end of this year you can triple your income, and find yourself working less hours - with less stress. Find out exactly what Passive Income IS, and how you can begin working it into your business model right away... no matter what type of business you are in!

Sign up and join us live! If you cant attend, be sure you sign up to receive the recording, and a free copy of my upcoming Passive Income Guide ;)