Thursday, May 19, 2005

Full Days, Morning to Night

Lately I have been putting in more hours - almost working "full time" again. It's new ideas, a strong urge to reach some of my short-term goals, and even a bit of catch-up work where I was off last month.

No worries of course... I'm still taking plenty of time out to enjoy the nice weather, work on my flower beds, have meals with friends, and hang out with my kids. I've even been hitting the gym lately and getting back into my Cardio Kickboxing classes, too ;)

I've been reading Think and Grow Rich, which I'm quite sure has a lot to do with this recent surge in motivation & energy. It certainly offers you a good share of both... not to mention a sense of confidence ~ making you realize you can achieve anything! It's one of the best books I've ever picked up... without a doubt.

I just started a new pay-per-click campaign on Adwords that I've been wanting to test. I ran across a whole slew of keywords earlier in the week that had NO ads running... so I compiled the list and then did a bit of thinking on which product to promote. I'm not sure yet how well these keywords will convert... but I think I'll test 2 or 3 products on them to see what kind of results I get.

Of course, I'm still working on my "affiliate site" too. Lately I've been updating links & products for the most part... but also repositioning adsense and looking into higher quality link partners. I generally spend about 3 hours a week on this site, give or take. It's only 6 months old, so I'm still keeping a close eye on this one. It is making sales on a daily basis now, though, so I'm fairly pleased with it.

Let's see... This morning I noticed that my "online business ideas" page is now ranking in the top 10 at Google. This is one that I used as an example in the Keywords: Choosing Them & Using Them issue last month. It's great to go from nowhere to "top ten" in 4 weeks! Even better to 'prove a method' and hopefully help many others do the same ;)

Of course, the page itself needs a bit of work... I'm planning to rewrite the content top to bottom, and I really need to get on that now that the page is ranking so well!

Outside of those few things, I'm working hard to catch up with emails (ack!) and working on sites & marketing plans for a couple of clients... in addition to adding content, writing newsletters, keeping up with forums etc on my own sites. It's been busy, no doubt about that!

Once I get a few of my larger projects off the list, I can relax a bit again. But for now I'm going to put this motivation & energy to good use! :)