Monday, May 23, 2005

One Word

If you could choose one word that best describes how you would most like to be... what word would that be?

Not a word that describes who or how you are now, but a word that describes the person you are striving to become.

For me, that word would be driven. I think that would describe me, inside and out, when I have reached my full potential.

When I see myself (the person I aspire to be, and am working towards), I see that being driven is the root of everything that I am, that I do and that I accomplish.

It requires a goal or main objective, to be driven towards, of course. I will feel positive and ALIVE because I chose my own goals and am achieving them successfully. I will wake up alert and positive each morning because I anticipate the day ahead - and every day of my future. I will enjoy exercise and healthy foods because I love how they make me feel and look, and will be driven to continue these habits every day of my life. I will work and live and love with a definite purpose that gives me a drive like nothing else under the sun!

I say that's what I'm working towards - that person that I aspire to be, lifestyle and all - - but now that I have written it all out in front of me... I realize that I already am.