Thursday, October 14, 2004

The WordBiz Report : Blogging Tips

I was just reading the WordBiz Report by Debbie Weil (, in which she gave the "Top 5 Tips for Writing a Business Blog". I dont really consider ClickNewz a "business blog" - its exactly what it says: behind the scenes with Lynn - so perhaps that's the reason I couldnt really relate with the article... or maybe I'm just doing this all wrong.

First, she shares the big "don't", which was:

Here's a big "don't." Obvious, maybe. But worth pondering. I found the following tip on a blog that shall remain anonymous. It's breathtakingly wrong:

To create a good web blog just write out the thoughts that come into your mind and before you know it you'll be blogging away to beat the band.

Hmm. Strike one for Lynn. Of course, I didnt get to read the rest of that writers thoughts on the topic, but I assume this is all based on "blogging for profit" versus just "blogging". Personally, I like to hear other people's candid thoughts, which is why I read their blogs. Its a refreshing change from the style in sales letters and ezines, and really gives you an opportunity to get to know a person. I find "business blogs" to be stale and boring. But I do like the blogs of certain business owners that talk about their take on a particular topic, or their goals & challenges - or just TALK in general (versus 'pitch').

But I guess that makes me "breathtakingly wrong" (<- a little harsh, dont ya think?) The next don't was:

"Don't be selfish. No one cares about you." (written by Seth Godin)

I'm not so sure how I feel about this one, either. And I like Seth Godin - and Debbie Weil too, for that matter. But, um, if no one cares about me - - then why in the world do they read my blog??

Well, strike two for Lynn. I talk about "me" all the time... and anything else on "my" mind.

You can read the 5 Tips for yourself online at . Some of them were interesting. All of them were thought provoking.

So I guess the question at hand is: Why do I blog? -and maybe: Who do I blog for?

I dont know. Maybe I just want to be heard. Maybe I just want to stop marketing, and just *talk*. Maybe I would like for you to know the real me, and have the opportunity to get to know you. Maybe its just fun. Maybe 'business journaling' is a good way for me to sort thoughts out and leave notes for myself.

Whatever the reason, I enjoy it - it's been lots of fun, there's been tons of great feedback... and I cant imagine quitting anytime soon!

If you have a moment, I'd love to hear from you: your thoughts on blogging (as a blogger), your thoughts on my blog (as a reader) - or any thoughts at all you have about blogs & blogging! And feel free to use the words me and I as much as you want to in your comment ;) :p

And of course if you have suggestions on things you'd like to see in my blog (specifically), or the types of posts you enjoy the most - or any feedback whatsoever - I'm all ears!

There are lots of interesting discussions going around about blogging - and lots of great resources, too. One of the most recent threads on my forum - posted by BJ - is: Print and Sell Your Blog. And there's lots more where that came from under Blogs, Bloggers & Blogging at the SSWT Forum.

Lynn adds: I believe I've found the "breathtakingly wrong" reference, which it appears Debbie has removed from the article. You can find it - and the rest of his Blogging Tips - at . I thought it was a great post, start to finish! ;)